The lake is covering an area of 148 hectares (370 acres). It is situated in the 2,193 hectares (5,420 acres) Lake Danao Natural Park, which also includes the Amandiwin mountain range. The lake is 18 kilometres (11 mi) northeast of Ormoc City.  It supplies potable water to at least seven towns in Eastern Leyte including Tacloban City, as well as the source of irrigation for rice lands in some municipalities like Dagami, Burauen, Pastrana and Tabon-tabon. At 650 metres (2,130 ft) above sea level, it lies on an altitude similar to Tagaytay, making the area cooler than the average Philippine temperature. –wikipedia ♥)

It was 17th of June, 2015, when I and a friend of mine came to visit here. We took a jeepney from Ormoc City terminal that passes through Brgy. Lake Danao. When we got there, this place was what welcomed us. We couldn’t proceed to the lake without getting inside first since there’s an entrance fee which was like P30 then.
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This posts located on the other side are for us tourists to read so we won’t violate any rule and we can help preserve our mother Earth.*Don’t forget this.


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This bigger cottage is located just a few steps before the lake. This can be used this for free. There’s a bathroom in here. Meals or snacks can be eaten here, but you’ve got to share it with strangers.


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However, if you need some privacy, you can rent these smaller cottages floating on the water. This is charged per hour, though, so you’ve got to plan as to how much you can afford.


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There are small boats (yet bigger than the one from the previous photo) than can be used to look around the place, but they’re also for rent. I suggest you maximize your experience if you find it expensive. Me and my friend rented one to get to the view deck which is located at the hill across the entrance we went to. If it’s your first time to ride on a boat, you can’t swim or afraid the boat may flip over, you can rent a life jacket some place near the bigger cottage.

So the entrance looks like this from the middle of the lake. ♥

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on our way to the view deck ♥
almost there! ☺
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preparing to trek 🙂

When we got to the other side, we had to trek the firm stairway to the deck. There was quite a couple of steps. It was quite tiresome for me until we got to the top. I had to like catch my breath along my way up. But as soon as we got there, I felt like I saw a miracle. Looking at the view from up there is one of the best feelings I’d always want to feel. I felt fulfilled since our struggles had been paid off. We immediately took photos, in excitement. I even forgot to take off the life jacket I was wearing. However, rain just suddenly started to pour (which was a bummer) so we hurried, that’s why I only have one photo. 😦

at the view deck ♥
When we got back to the entrance, we decided to rent one of the huts and have our lunch. While we were eating, some woman came over and asked if we’d want to get our hut in the middle of the lake, and we thought it would be a good idea. She left us alone, as soon as she finished, and I was just amazed. It was my first to be in the middle of a water body. I couldn’t agree more that this place is indeed one of the beautiful things Leyte could share to everyone, I told my friend, and he agreed.
in the cottage ☺
chillin’ ♥♥♥

The place is definitely best for those who would like to have some escape in the countryside or nearby some mountains. It isn’t crowded so one can definitely find some peace of mind and unwind. It has a natural and beautiful view, the kind that photography geeks wouldn’t like to miss to capture, not to mention the picturesque hills that surround it.

The cost it took us wasn’t that much, like it was more or less P300. We did some haggling for the services of the people who helped us, a sort of thing I actually felt glad and at the same time guilty about. But anyway, I’m sure this sort of experience won’t really hurt your pocket and I bet you won’t regret a thing, especially when you haven’t seen a lake yet. ♥♥♥


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