Right after enjoying Ton-ok Falls, me and my friend went straight here. We walked like 5o meters to get to Barangay Mawacat because it’s close and also part of the Oquendo District.

Mawacat Rockslide is a natural spoon-like formation which inclines more or less by about 45 degrees and stretches 50 meters long. Water flows along this giant cistern and from the top, one can slide through the mossy lane to the cool inviting pool below.

If you come from Calbayog City proper, take a tricycle at the terminal that goes to Barangay Mawacat which belongs to Oquendo District.

When you see this, you know where to go.

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It’s good if you can get some locals to help you get there because, aside from the waterfalls, the path also directs or leads to other places. There’s also a river, before you get to the place, but there’s no bridge.

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The trail is really narrow and is lined with tall grasses and tress. There are a couple of steps you’ll have to mount before you can get to the falls, but it won’t be really a tiring trek if you’re up for it.

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When you finally get there, it’s what you’ll see. It’s kind of vast, isn’t it? Well.. have a look down below this photo right here.

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How it looks from below. ♥

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Chilling and picture taking time! ♥


“I’m not falling.”  ☻
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This is so much exciting to do. ☺

It was my first to get myself under a flowing water having this much force. Although it’s cold, it just feels refreshing. It’s like every time I want to bathe outdoors, I want to do here.


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Modelling with our 2 little tour guides. ☺ Just kidding! ♥

How it looks from up there. ♥ 
(sorry I got only one photo :()


It was called rockslide for a reason and that is this. From the point where my friend stood to take this photo, I slid down from there but I was glad I didn’t drift down the pool (otherwise I couldn’t have this photo taken. lol. because I can’t swim 😦 ).


No entrance fee, but we gave our little tour guides some money for the help they gave us.

To get back to the City, you can wait for a tricycle when you get back to the main road. ♥



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