I’ve always wanted to try doing more than one job at a time because although I can already imagine how exhausting it would be, I believe that trying it myself would answer most, if not all, of my curiosities. I really would like to experience the feeling first hand and to learn time management just because I can’t practice it when I am working full-time (8 hours a day). To be honest, I usually spend more than 3 hours per day on scrolling through my facebook newsfeed and I feel so guilty about it, so I thought that trying 2 jobs at a time could somehow help me appreciate my time more and make myself more productive.

I had started to think about quiting my job since my 5th month at my work (where I’m an online ESL teacher) because I fail to meet my expectation (which was to have many classes and permanent students). I’m not sure if it’s just the company for it doesn’t have many students, or it’s just me, but anyway, I put the blame solely on me. I admit, that I have a couple of shortcomings, like I still don’t teach as lively as I should be, my energy is still not that high as it should, and I still can’t stop my ambivert personality from getting in the way. I planned to leave after I turned 6 months so I stayed, and also there were times where I felt like I should just stay because I had some classes where in I just enjoyed teaching over the internet, but since the last week of May up to this very moment, only one student has booked me, and this stresses me out. Actually I should be used to it already, though, because since I started in November last year, the situation has been like this — I, and the other new teachers except someone who can speak Japanese, barely have class, but I think it’s about time I leave. I should get myself somewhere I can practice my teaching skills more. And oh by the way, just so you know, this being not occupied at work allows me to blog, and this post is one proof. I write and type while I look at and wait for my schedule to be booked.

Last week I heard that my company (offline ESL school) prior to my current one is hiring, and then I thought that re-applying wouldn’t hurt although they’re actually looking for degree holders which I am not, just because of the fact that I have worked there already for 2 months (contractual) and my current job is no different from it, except that this one’s online. Luckily, I was able to pass the interview, the TOEIC test, and the demo. However, they want me to start today but then my online job said I should have submitted a resignation letter a month ago, so I just agreed to work part-time at night for 4 hours (6 pm to 10 pm) for 2 weeks to somehow make up for that before I resign. So today, I have started this lack of sleep orΒ no sleep thing, and oh my gosh, I almost fell sleep while listening to our trainer today. I actually slept for only 3 and a half hour because when I went home last night I found out that my 2 new BNY V-neck shirts which I haven’t worn are not on the 2nd floor where I hanged them, and our receptionist at dorm has already fallen asleep so I couldn’t wake her up to ask for help in finding it, and I just couldn’t help but think about it. Going back, I think I’ll be able to survive doing these 2 jobs for 2 weeks. I’ll be able to have time for everything I need or want to do if I would just get enough sleep since it seems to be the only problem. Perhaps a 6 hour sleep a day wouldn’t be bad, since I can even stay up so late and get less sleep for my nonsense online stuff. I reckon I’ll be thanking myself later for this because it would teach me a few more lessons apart from the ones I’ve mentioned. As long as I’m not abusing my body, I’ll be good.

(So I probably just went around the bush or didn’t really state my point, but I hope you’ve learned something from this blog. Thank you for reading! 😊)



7 thoughts on “Team No Sleep

    1. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found them. I think one of my dormmates took them but I won’t ask our receptionist to go check each of my dormmates cabinet only for things which cost P400. I can buy new ones, anyway. But I just hope God will bless her.


      1. It’s possible but I don’t think about it anymore actually. I’d actually moved on already so when I saw them yesterday as I was hanging clothes, I didn’t really surprised like I should be, however I’m happy because I never actually lost them. πŸ™‚

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