Working six days a week might mean more earnings, but the people who don’t want to only live their lives working do love having two days off or more a week, or one month or two month paid leave a year. For the past 7 months, I have been working 6 days a week, with only Sunday as my rest day. I would work from Mondays to Saturdays, while during my rest days, I would go to church, spend time with my roommates and do house chores.

Although one day is enough, to do those things I’ve mentioned and it’s nice to earn more money, I would love having 2 days off a week more because it means extended time off. I cannot only do those I’ve mentioned but also have time for my interests. To me, being able to do one’s interests means more than earning money. Don’t get me wrong, though, it’s true that we can do more if we have money, but sometimes, money just equates to nothing when there’s no time to do the things we desire to do. I believe we have to have a work-life balance, or like busy life — relaxed life balance.

Anyway, I wrote this not to discourage people to work 6 days a week or 24/7 because everyone has their own reasons for working, and who knows they could be doing what they love, but just to announce as if other people need to know πŸ˜‚, but I will say it anyway that I’m now free on weekends — Saturdays and Sundays, finally after 7 months! Yay!!! 😁 😁😁 I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow knowing I can now do the things I’ve always wanted to do, but still get paid good just because my previous job which I recently just get back to pays the same as my current one which I’m resigning from next weekΒ πŸ˜•. Yes sad face because I’ll miss my workmates and the workplace. I think I can still work part-time there, though, but sadly, my body just won’t make it possible.

So.. everyone, I really look forward to the weekends. I hope you also do. This is all for this post. Happy weekend to you all! 😍😍😍


4 thoughts on “Two days off!

    1. Oh yes, you’re right! That’s another point. I forgot to mention it because I was focused on the things I can do if my time off is 2 days. 😁 Thank you for reminding! 😊


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