You know you love one thing when it doesn’t take you long, like it takes only a few hours or days or weeks, to miss it. You know it’s a part of you when you feel like you’re incomplete without it. And these things could be anything — your interests or passions. I know because I always miss the things I love — the water, the outdoors, being out there freely engaging myself in seeing and learning about new things and places, and most importantly, the one thing I love to do the most when I’m alone or I’m idle, it’s expressing my thoughts through writing.

Last month, on its last weekend, I made a plan to go home to my province to visit my family and of course, to see the place again. I had been missing them and everything about the place so on Thursday last week, I made it happen, but then since I had to start this week at my full-time offline job, I came back shortly last Saturday. When I was in Leyte, I got to watch first hand the grand parade for the Sangyaw Fetival in the city of Tacloban (, the capital city of Leyte), I got to visit two new tourists spots in my hometown, the municipality of Dulag, and also I got to finally set foot on the most famous bridge in the country which connects Leyte and its nearby province, Samar.

This has been my shortest visit so far, but then I’ve got some really nice stories to tell which I’m actually excited for. However, this week has really been quite a busy one for me. In one of my older posts Team No Sleep, I mentioned there that I would leave my online job after my two-week training at my full-time offline job now, but I have decided not to because I realized I’m not ready to leave and besides, the management doesn’t really want me to leave them yet. By the way, in case I haven’t mentioned, my full-time offline job now used to be my job prior to my online one which I now work only part-time. I came back just because I miss teaching offline, and I thought the online one isn’t really for me. So during the day, at I’m at my full-time offline job, while I’m at my part-time online one at night.

Nonetheless, I’m writing this blog post just to make a point that is I miss expressing my thoughts through writing. I miss writing and this platform. I miss everything about it even when it’s only been nine days since I posted last. Pretty weird, don’t you think? But I guess it’s just what happens when you love one thing or when you’re in love with it. Of course, I don’t only want to write about the experiences I had during the visit which is why I miss it. I also have some other things I want to talk about. I really just can’t start with any of them now because I’m trying to create better contents which I don’t have a few hours of my sleeping time to spare for, so to be able to have even a short piece, I wrote about how I feel about it instead. However, even when I don’t get enough sleep, I’m happy with the situation because I won’t be doing this for a long time anyway, and I’ve never been this productive before. I also appreciate my time more now because of this.


Is this something you guys can relate to, like of course in a way? If so, then I’d be happy to hear your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “When You Miss Something You Love But You Don’t Have Time.

  1. This is exactly me right now. I have loved writing since I was really young and I used to do it all the time, until high school and college took over. Now finally I’ve accumulated the courage to make a blog and try to share my writing ! Your piece was extremely relatable πŸ™‚

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    1. Woah! I’m glad you finally have and it’s nice to know I’m not alone in this feeling. I hope, though, that you’ll be able to manage your time well and that you’ll accomplish everything you need to.
      Thank you for reading, by the way! 😊

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