I posted this on my instagram today, and I’m posting it here to share some thoughts as I grew up around people (my aunt, uncle and my grandmom in my mother side) who don’t drink and hate drinking, and live in a country where many are heavy drinkers including my late father.

I don’t consider myself as someone who really drinks, though, because I have low tolerance I easily give up. Also, I don’t always drink each time I have the chance to, Β because to me, it’s not one of those things in life that I ready need to learn nor do. Nonetheless, as for the reason of that person who had always prohibited me as if I was curious to try it, I think we can’t say a girl is not a good girl just because she drinks, just like we can’t say she’s a good one just because she doesn’t. A person isn’t defined by what he solely does, but by how he is as a person toward others. Also, we shouldn’t be afraid to try things for lame reasons because we never know what we could be missing out in life.

And as for those who have no control or those who think they are stronger than what they take, the slogan “Drink moderately / responsibly.” appears every after an alcoholic drink advertisement on TV for a reason.


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