Where did my other personal posts go?

I haven’t mentioned it here but some of you might have known it already that I created a new blog last month and have transferred there some of my personal related blog posts. I realized that the title of this blog doesn’t suit the things I’d intended to write about from the beginning — mostly my reflection on my personal growth, and my ka-jejehan (only Filipinos will know get this) which I’d love to look back on later in my life. For months I’d been indecisive about creating a new one because I knew that transferring some of my personal blogs would never give me the same chills again each time I re-read them from a different site, and it also meant losing those likes and comments from the people who actually took their time to read and cared enough to share their ideas, but I did anyway. My apologies people. ;(

Then time came when I became adamant because things like dramas just wouldn’t leave my mind I wished I had some place I could let them out without having to worry about infecting people. So I went about with the idea, chose a title that would suit better or at least I thought, and  Ambiverted Psyche was born, yet just when I thought starting over again in a different place would make me happy, something hit me. After some time of contemplating, sleeping on, I still felt bad. I guess it was really much more of a deal than I thought it was. I had thought it is my blog and can do anything I want with it. But little did I realize that in the past year, this blog has given me a new perspective in life, allowed me to get to know more people online with at least the same substance as those I keep around me offline.

It was this blog that has allowed me to keep myself sane at times when everything else just wouldn’t fall into places. It was what added colors to the boring life I used to live with and added fun to the monotonous person whom I still seem to be offline. This blog has somehow helped me push myself to my limits just so I could have something interesting to share here. The optimistic person I said I was, I didn’t use to be it. I just claimed to be it just ’cause I thought I’d eventually become one and I’m now it. This blog’s quite a witness to that. It has witnessed almost all of my setbacks and comebacks in the past year plus my dark colored past. It has seen my insecurities, my kajejehans and the other sides of me people that I hang out with probably don’t. *sobs*

But as much as I wish I hadn’t moved some of my personal blog posts or that I had been wiser with my title (not that it matter ’cause I guess it’s almost everyone’s struggle), I’d love to push through a plan which came with my decision, and that is to keep this blog (I’ll never put it to trash) and share here more stories about two of the things to which my happiness comes down — travels and foods, and about other things which may be helpful to others, while my other kajejehan and more personal posts will go to the new blog.

I’m thinking of changing its title and domain but I can’t till September when it’s going to expire so if you’ve any suggestion, I’ll be more than happy to hear them. I’m pretty bad at naming things I’m no longer sure if I can still trust myself in this matter. Lol. Anyway, this won’t be my last blog under my category personal. My two new recent food blogs have got some personal touch if you’ve notice. As much as possible, I always try to relate to life or to me everytime I write ’cause I believe it’s only through that way that I can write from my heart.

I’m excited to go on more food trips as much as I love trying new flavors and as well as more adventures though it sometimes hurts my pocket a bit, ’cause I realize that I wasn’t born to just pay my bills — dorm, transpo and also help people (just my family mainly), as I have myself too. I shouldn’t feel guilty treating myself once in a while when 5 days a week I’m on my butt portraying a totally different personality, though of course I’m not complaning. Life’s too short to be putting off the things you can enjoy now. Yes, some short scrolls and some food trips here and there every now and then are not bad, esp. for those who are independent but has family members who depend on them, just like me. In case, though, some narrow-headed stumbles upon this blog and tries to question my choices despite my financial status, fyi, I’m not spending money on food trips and “laags” just so I can have something to write and share here, but because I love doing these things and getting to share them is just a bonus. I only have fun at the cost of my budget. And it’s not even solely about fun, it’s about learning new things, living one’s life to the fullest.

To every one who’s been following (if ever there is, lol), I hope I’ve inspired you somehow. If you’re one of those who have read and commented on the posts I’ve moved, thank you and I’m sorry. I promise everything I’ll post here from now on will stay here. Much love! ♡♡♡


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