10 Ways You Can Be More Productive

Most of us are stuck on our phones on our free time. Some get occupied with the monotonous routine they do after work. While some have given up on the idea of becoming more productive, not realizing that they can actually still achieve greater things even with the very little resources we have.

Apparently, we don’t realize that we can attain personal growth and find more purpose in life without having to go far and spend a lot.

Consider doing or starting these 10 things and you might just change your perspectives.

1. Learn a new language.

If you’re a non-native English speaker, I’d suggest you focus on improving your skills on it first since it’s the universal language, and most websites that provide instruction on learning a new language use English as their medium.

But why learn a new language? OPPORTUNITIES. You get to have a chance to work at industries where knowledge and skills of a certain language is required like in the BPO industry (call center) where in mostly, English is the language. I have worked, myself, as a call center agent and also an ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher and I must say that being able to speak a foreign language might not define me as intelligent but can surely provide me opportunities whenever I need. Opportunities that don’t only pay but actually pave way for other opportunities. Degree holders can teach ESL abroad like in Japan, Korean, China, etc. and get the luxury to learn new cultures and travel and see other parts of the world.

Nowadays, there are already a couple of accessible materials online so it’s pretty much easier to learn a new language this time than it was years ago. There are some on Youtube, too. So you can start by learning the basics like their parts of speech, for an hour every day or other day and expect that in a month time, you can already introduce yourself in the new language. It sounds fun and easy, right?

2. Learn a new skill.

Learn a new skill because “talents are learned today” and you don’t know what you’re capable of and love doing till you try things out. It can be skills in cooking, martial arts or simply playing sports or musical intruments. Learn to bake, shoot a gun, or play chess or a guitar for a change. It is never a bad thing to be able do to other things aside from the one that earns us a living. We need not to call other people whenever we need a service. We can defend ourselves in case of danger. We can get to connect with other people who share the same interests and make new friends.

Entertain ourselves whenever we’re stressed with work, or school and daily hustles. Have an escape that we can always resort to, allowing our souls to heal faster. Life truly has got a lot to offer. It’s just up to us to take and nurture them.

And again, the internet has so much references you can go to like Youtube.

3. Learn a new culture.

Knowing different cultures means means knowing how to adapt and live like a local when you go to those places with the cultures of which you are learning, making it easier to connect and make friends.

As the saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”, knowing the dos and donts of certain countries and even only islands can really come in handy as some of them may really have strict policies.

It is also a sign of showing respect which will later payback. Staying in another place can somehow also mean representing one’s home and its people. Whatever attitude you show the locals might reflect those of your fellows back home.

4. Start a new hobby.

It can be checking out a new place like a restaurant or a tourist spot, hoarding stuff like books and CDs, visiting orphans, catching up on old famous movies and books, meeting friends for dinner or simply trying out a new dish. Try something new that can make you look forward more to every day off, weekend, or holiday and even leisure time. We can’t spend our lifetime only doing a 9 to 5 job, scrolling through our social media accounts, liking everyone else’s filtered photos. We’ve gotta have other interests.

Put down your smartphones for a while and look around and muse. What kind of things would you like your new friends to know you do on your free time? What interesting things can you tell the world about you? How can you inspire others in your own little ways?

5. Start to save and invest.

Save because it’s a must, and if you haven’t started, now is the perfect time. Start today because time is gold and you can’t save right when you already need. Putting aside a little amount once in a while is less of a burden than taking out a big amount at once or on the spot.

Save with the little things like by cutting off on expenses, buying only important stuff, not taking a ride when going to walking distant places, eating healthier food and taking proper exercise so you don’t get sick easily and putting aside every extra penny.

Also invest on small businesses if you can. Start a small bakery, a grocery store or a water filling station. Or if you live in the country, you can start a livestock business or some sort of a plantation. Not only can you make another source of income, but also get to provide other people opportunities.

6. Set new goals or dream a new dream.

You can be 50 or 60, a teenager or a young adult, it is not too late now for you to have new desires especially if you think you haven’t achieved much in your life yet. Always think of a new day a new chance to restart your life and live to the fullest. Don’t be afraid to repeat the process — taking risks, learning from mistakes and taking responsibilities.

There are people who stop trying once they’ve failed a few times. Rejections give them this idea, that they’ll never be enough to succeed no matter how many attempts they make, which isn’t true. If you’re one of them, please stop. I don’t mean you focus on that one dream you badly wanted. Dream a new dream instead and work on it. It may be to a millionaire, or to visit that one country abroad. Don’t ever have second thoughts. Don’t be discouraged even if you have to go alone. Just focus on the price and little by little, you will get there.

7. Create a beauty and fitness routine.

Take self-care literally. Get a new haircut. Sport a new hairstyle. Start taking care of your skin more. Use a face mask. Lighten your dark spots. Have your teeth cleaned and your nails polished.

Put on some make up when you go out. Dress up a little. Be more sensible with your fashion style. But don’t overdo anything. Stick to your personality as much as possible.

Now since beauty doesn’t only mean the physical appearance, make it a point to visit a doctor for a general check up.

And while we should embrace our flaws, it doesn’t mean it’s okay to not pay attention to them.

Let’s hit the gym if we have to or just find some time to exercise regularly at home. Monitor our progress so we can inspire others to be more mindful of their health. Practice self-discipline when it comes to our cravings and diet. It pays to exert a little more effort there once in a while to stay healthy.

8. Care for the environment.

We don’t probably notice it but a single plant at home actually helps the oxygen and carbon dioxide cycle. A simple act of recycling plastic bags actually helps lessen the world’s waste problem. A simple conservation of water, electricity and all the other things made from our natural resources actually help mother Earth — our home.

It is only when we start change in ourselves that we can expect it from other people, so as they would say “be the change you want to see”. Start planting more at home. Use pots if you don’t have much space. Minimize the use of plastic straws and bags. Practice the 3Rs – recycle, reuse, and reduce.

Get people to start doing the same. Post and promote on your social media accounts. We need more trees planted and a tighter waste management especially in the urban areas. We need more environmentalists.

9. Have an alone time.

Whether an introvert, an extrovert or an ambivert if it does exist, we all need an “alone time” or “me time”. We need this time to be able to think about everything that’s going on around us, especially the ones that have something to do with our personal lives. We need it every now and then but would be better if we can have it once a day.

The picture does not need to be sitting alone at a park, nor in our bedroom. You can be at a library, a coffee shop or even on commute. So long as you’re able to reflect, to enjoy your own company and have a conversation with yourself without other people interferring, that’s it.

Alone time is that when we don’t need to intentionally listen to other people’s voices to be able to respond correctly. It is that when we can just do whatever that comes to our mind in peace.

At times, when we allow ourselves to just look around, we realize a lot more than we do when we are with other people. When we try to do things on our own, we develop trust and become more confident in ourselves. Also, when we’re able to think thoroughly and in private, we tend to make better decisions.

10. Restore your faith.

Personally, I am not religious. I don’t regularly attend mass nor pray daily. I even have doubts about my religion cause there are some practices that I don’t agree with.

But I believe in God and that He created everything. I also believe in heaven and hell. I’ve heard someone said and I agree, that it is better to believe that these two exist and choose to be kind everyday, rather than believe they’re a myth and do evil and find out later they’re real.

Out of habit, I still go to church and pray through images although I believe that it’s best to just talk to God directly. Honestly, to me, though, it doesn’t matter which religion a person may belong to as long as he doesn’t do anything that’s offensive. And if he happens to not know who to believe, that’s fine, too.

But also to me, we all should restore our faith in any way we can. Let’s pray more, thank whoever creator we believe in for all the countless blessings we got, attend mass or any gatherings related to our religion whenever we can, regret our sins and remorse and most importantly, obey commandments. Take each day as a sign that we’re given another chance to become better — a better person and a better follower of our faith. If it is true that at the end, we’d all be judged, at least we’d not have any regrets.


Whether it is to try something new or pursue what’s been stopped, there’s always a way to add more excitement to and make the most of our lives. So while we still have the energy, let’s not forsake what we can afford because there are a lot of less fortunate ones out there who badly wanted to do a lot but are only lucky with a few. May we spend our time more wisely and act as role models to everyone around us.

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