At times, you’ve got to just do it!

You see her writing motivational pieces, motivating people, encouraging them to make each day count. You see her posting inspiring stuff. And you probably think she is motivated, herself. She’s inspired. But little do you know, behind those positive words lies a weak character. There lies a lost soul. A wandering soul whose only wish is to find the perfect thing to do.

She isn’t inspired at all. Not even motivated a little. She’s completely lost and confused. Her life was fine although there was stress, pressure and all. But she was managing them. Until one day, she made a mistake by choosing to leave to try another thing she’d long been dreaming to do, in the hope to find the growth, the greener pasture and peace she thought she needed. She started messing up, and everything around just wouldn’t seem to cooperate. And she then made a few more mistakes after another, and up to the present.

She’s like at a crossroads, torn and indecisive. She wants to be there, but mostly wants to be here. She loves the idea of conquering great heights, meeting new people and overcoming fears, but it seems like she’s lost that whatever used to motivate her before. She seems frustrated with herself or depressed but won’t admit any of it.

One thing’s for sure though, is that she wants to pursue whatever she’s currently doing now and see where it goes. She wants to write her heart out, let out all the thoughts that have long been concealing within her. She wants to pen down everything that has happened to her to share all the lessons she’s learned from them.

Because she may not be motivated to put herself out there and take risks like she used to. To get something she can do full-time and earn money from while she pursues what she thinks she may find her home in soon. She maybe confused, torn, indecisive or worse, depressed. She may need solace, herself, but she is definitely inspired to support other people in the very way she believes she can the most at the moment. She is inspired to continue writing about positivity, empowering others and bringing hope to those who are lost like her. She may be weak that she’s given up on what most people would consider the best opportunity for her, but she’s taking a tough decision that is to pursue a passion not many would even consider an opportunity. She’s probably braver than she’ll ever believe she is, or maybe not, but she is surely trying and using her potentials to the fullest. That should be enough.

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