“Self, you are appreciated.”

Whether or not you’re expecting it from a friend, from your family member, your lover and even your boss, because you know you’re doing great at pleasing them, wait not until they initiate to spill that magic phrase, instead say it yourself today. “Self, you are appreciated.” Because you do deserve it, and it’s fine if it only comes out from your own mouth and not from their’s. So often we get so busy with our own responsibilities that we forget to give thanks to the people who make some things easier for us. We become so occupied with our own personal battles that we forget that they’ve got their fair shares of worries and burdens too and that a simple gesture of appreciation would help.

Today, claim that affirmation or validation you’ve long been looking and waiting for. Because you and the things you do matter. Your efforts, time and presence are as much valuable as the impact you cause. You are an important part that completes a whole. You make up a good partner and a member. You are an asset and will be missed when you’re gone. There’s no need to be vocally appreciated, nor to be publicly recognized as it is just a bonus. And tell yourself now before any negative vibrations like the feeling of being not enough can consume you and you succumb to sadness. Remind yourself of your worth today because a little act of self-love goes a long way. ❤

random photo last April 2018

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